after graduating from the fighters guild, Kiriku and Madrot were given a quest by the guildmaster. he told told them about a small town about three days west of the guild and they should go investigate it.he told them they need to go to the Twin Serpent Tavern. So they set out on a couple horses and headed toward the town the guild master was talking about.

about a day and a half into their journey they run into and old man. he spoke of a group of creatures that attacked the town and that he was waiting for a group of people from the fighters guild. they told him that they were from the fighters guild. the old man decribed the creatures as humaniod, dark redish kinda like dark clay, long sharpened claws, very stong and muscular, with bright red eyes. they hop back on their horses, with the old man, then continue their journey to the small town.

when they arrive at the town, they see that there is a 10 foot wall around the town, a large wooden gate stood before them. they noticed that the walls close to them had long scratch marks on them, along with the wooden door.the old man paniced and told them he was not goning to go in there and stayed out side the gate. after pushing open the door, they see the town is in shambles and bodies are laying everywhere. the bodies had either long scratch marks on them or were missing several limbs. after wandering through the remains of the town they find the Twin Serpent Tavern,

the sign was leaning against the side of the tavern. they went inside and look around. they see more dead bodies, broken glass, dirty bandages wher fond behind the bar, a couple mugs sit on the counter; unharmed. upstairs, on the right side there are 8 room, on the left only 6. Kiriku searches through several of the rooms, the first room had a couple gold, the second room, across the hall, had a couple more gold and a dead body, as the to of them stod thar in the second room thay herd a noys from the room next to the one thay wher in as one of them chargis throo the wall in to the therd room the ather runs arond to the door to the therd room. when she coms throo the door she sees one of the crechers sweing at madrot then jump out one of the windows. she begins to sherch the room and finds some more gold and a boy under one of the bed. the boy was tramatized and afraid of Madrot. Kariku tried to coax him out and once out from under the bed the boy clinged to kariku. she wrapped his head with the dirty bandages as a blindfold and started to take him down stairs. halfway down the stairs the bandages fell off and the boy saw the dead bodies and ran off. after chasing him for a while, kariku manages to catch him and clam him down and he tell her that he might know someone that can help. the boy leads them out of the town to a old mans house.


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